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Thanks to the rising popularity of play-to-earn crypto games, many are searching for the best play to earn crypto games. Play-to-earn games have taken the world by storm as hundreds of thousands of users have embraced titles such as Axie Infinity and Splinterlands. These new NFT games have the potential to completely change the way people think about gaming. As more and more people start playing these games and making more money, understanding what characteristics make the best play-to-earn crypto games becomes more relevant and more important.

Minting date reveal on discord and twitter!

The most popular platforms in this area are online multiplayer games where players have to gather and utilize digital items to further their progress. These assets can take many forms, but the most common are tools, weapons, and property awarded to players for advancement or purchased using real-life currency. For example, in a mining-themed game, you might need a digital pickax or shovel to play the game and start earning rewards. With crypto games, these digital assets have real-world value, and players can sell them to others seeking to advance their progress in the game. 

A player of Farmers World could decide to sell the “Gold” asset they earned through playing the game on a marketplace, allowing other players to buy that item using real-life currency. This is how the play-to-earn model works. Some games even allow cross-compatibility with other blockchains and platforms, creating the opportunity for players to bring their digital assets with them into different worlds and games. 

When searching for the best crypto games, there are several variables to consider, including profitability, stability, and initial costs.  Different crypto games offer additional rewards to players. Some games provide players with in-game cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which they can sell to other players using crypto exchanges. Less commonly, play-to-earn games will grant players popular cryptocurrencies to benefit them from playing the game (1). These awards are easier and quicker to convert into real-life currency and can also be subject to less volatility.  

Play To Earn Crypto Games List

There many P2E crypto games available today, which can make it difficult to narrow them all down into one list. Below is a play-to earn crypto game list of some of the best crypto games:

  1. Axie Infinity
  2. Splinterlands
  3. The Sandbox
  4. Decentraland
  5. Farmers World
  6. CryptoBlades
  7. SolChicks
  8. Alien Worlds
  9. Gods Unchained
  10. Age of Rust

Some of these games are being designed with the overarching concept of the metaverse in mind, and others are just focusing on the NFT gaming market. Thousands of users have been playing and earning money from games like this since their inception. Some of them are built on popular blockchains like Ethereum, while others have created their own blockchain network to run their games. 

What these games all have in common is that they all feature different kinds of NFTs and cryptocurrencies that players can earn and then sell on marketplaces using a cryptocurrency wallet. For example, in Axie Infinity, players enter a world called Lunacia. They can collect digital creatures called ‘Axies,’ which are representations of NFTs that players can sell on the Axie Infinity marketplace. How much a player will get for a given Axie depends on that particular creature’s rareness (2). In general, this list summarizes the best and most popular play-to-earn crypto games 2021 and games that we are sure to watch coming into this next year due to their increasing popularity. 

Free Play To Earn Crypto Games

There are many free play-to-earn crypto games and free-to play NFT games. The idea of free play-to-earn games sounds incredible as that means users can not only have access to a new game but also to the opportunity to generate an income all at no cost. This means that players can jump straight into the action and start exploring these worlds. For instance, one of these free-to-play NFT games is Decentraland, where users who want to learn more can just jump right into the world by simply opening up its website on a browser. Other games, such as the popular digital card trading game, Gods Unchained, are designed to be free-to-play and offer players an initial set of 140 cards so that they can get started in the game. You can even find many free to play NFT games Android.

However, with most of these free play-to-earn crypto games, players are limited to exploration and specific features. If you want to actually start earning money, you are going to have to set up a cryptocurrency wallet and make some kind of initial investment. Some games will have high initial costs, and others can be more affordable. Recently, some gamers have been looking for other options besides Axie Infinity due to the very high costs of entry (3). Other games on the list above, such as The Sandbox and Gods Unchained, have a much lower price to enter than Axie Infinity. Free crypto games can be an excellent way for players to get a taste of what the next wave of gaming may look like as more and more players start to get involved. 

Play To Earn Games List

You may be wondering where to find free play-to earn crypto games 2021. The play-to earn games list above does not, by any means, cover all the available blockchain-based games that are available that now number in the thousands. Other popular games such as Splinterlands or Farmers World could easily have been included among the best play-to-earn games 2021. All of these games have done exceptionally well and have a loyal fanbase of thousands of gamers. In Splinterlands, players trade cards and fight against monsters in order to gain NTF awards. In Farmers World, players use a variety of tools to farm, breed animals, build structures, and mine for natural resources such as wood or gold. The game deposits these resources to the players in the form of NFTs. 

A short visit to the Farmers World market shows that players can purchase NFTs such as Corn Seed or Barley for a certain number of WAX crypto coins. Users can then sell these coins, in turn, to be purchased using real-world money like dollars. Farmers World is based on the WAX blockchain. Other games on the list could depend on different blockchains. Whatever blockchain the game is based on is going to have a significant impact on the value of the NFTs in that game. However, an even more important factor on the worth of in-game assets is going to be demand. When demand is very high, as sometimes occurs with these crypto games, prices for all digital in-game items can rise, making some players a great deal of money. 

Play To Earn Nft Games

There are many play-to-earn NFT games available, including many play to earn games for Android. One of these popular iOS NFT games is Binemon (4). This game has created a vast virtual universe where players can breed and train creatures to do battle with in-game enemies and other players. The animals in Binemon all have ten different body parts, and rarity plays an important role both within the game and in terms of the creature's value as an NFT that can be sold on the game’s marketplace. The rarer the asset, the higher the value. 

Another mobile play-to-earn crypto game that did really well in 2021 was The Sandbox. In March of that year, the game’s creators announced that players sold a record-breaking $2.8 million USD in NFTs and virtual real estate on the platform (5). Available on both iOS and android, the game loosely follows the pattern of the wildly popular Minecraft, wherein players can explore vast worlds, create, and build to their heart’s content. In order to start earning NFTs, players have a couple of options. First, they could create their own Voxel assets and sell them on The Sandbox marketplace. Second, they could purchase land and then start renting it out or selling it outright to other players at a profit. These are just two examples of the many play-to-earn crypto games available on mobile devices today. 

Blockchain Games List

All of the play-to-earn games we have discussed are based on blockchain technology. For more games, you might look to a blockchain games list. It is easy to visit a site like DappRadar and see a list of the best blockchain games (6). By comparing statistics such as the number of users, the volume, and the balance, players can start to make determinations about what the best blockchain games to make money are. 

Generally, the  best blockchain games to make money are going to be the most popular ones, so checking the number of users is a great place to start. According to that list, the most popular blockchain-based game is Splinterlands, which supports iOS and Android. Blockchain games for Android tend to be particularly favorable.

Best Play To Earn Games

In the end, deciding what the best play-to-earn games are, depends a great deal on the particular preferences of the player. Some players will value the ability to keep track of their game using mobile devices and will want to focus on play to earn crypto games iOS or android. Some players will put a heavier emphasis on the gameplay, while others will care more about making a profit. You have to consider all of these factors when looking at a list of NFT games play-to earn and deciding which one is truly the best.