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Did you know that some players are making a living off playing games that reward them with NFTs? (1) Through the new kind of play-to-earn games powered by the blockchain, many players are doing just that. These video games are unique in that instead of just rewarding the successes of players with in-game rewards like higher scores and bonus content, they give players rewards that have value in the physical world. This means that players are financially incentivized to continue playing these games. Pay-to-earn games have added millions of new users throughout 2021 and many expect that track record to continue. (2)

Minting date reveal on discord and twitter!

NFTs are non-fungible tokens that hold real-life value. Indeed, these tokens are part of a market that is now worth $7 billion. Non-fungible means that the token is unique and irreplaceable. (3) NFTs allow owners to identify themselves as owners of a particular piece of digital content, somewhat like a deed to a house that proves that you are the owner. They are used for things like original artwork, music, photography, or videos. (4) Although other blockchains support them, NFTs are mostly stored on the Ethereum blockchain and can be retained, rented, or even sold to users within or outside of the game on which they were earned. In this manner, players can earn these NFTs and then sell them to earn an income in real-life. 

One of the most popular categories of play-to-earn games today is NFT farming games. In these games, you earn NFT rewards for playing in a farm-themed world. Players have to complete activities like planting, harvesting, mining, and breeding to succeed. The games tend to opt for a fairly simple, relaxing style of gameplay and are currently being played by thousands of users all over the world. 

NFT Game

The NFT game has risen in popularity over the years. With the rise of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, a large number of NFT games have been developed that offer opportunities for players to earn an income from their participation. These games come in a variety of styles from farming games as described above to arena battle games, strategy games, and card-trading games. Some of the games are simple and focus on just a few activities, but many include expansive worlds and become increasingly complex in terms of the number of available options for the player. The top NFT games include titles such as Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and Battle of Guardians (BOG). These games are played by millions of people and are very popular. For example, Axie Infinity, in December, boasted 8.3 million players and is expected to reach 10 million users soon. (5) The Sandbox, meanwhile, has had 40 million downloads over time. Another extremely popular game that should be included on an NFT games list like this is the NFT farming game Farmer’s World which now has over 150,000 players and is one of the largest NFT games.

What distinguishes these titles from other online multiplayer games is that NFTs form such an important part of the gameplay. This takes video gaming from its traditional perspective of being a way to relax after a tough day to being a way to earn cryptocurrency that can have value in the real world. This huge shift means that through play, users can now create an additional revenue stream. Many of these games feature their own internal economy where players buy and sell NFTs from each other which can be used within the game or outside the game as real-life currency. Additionally, in some of these games, there are fees to pay to get set up and begin playing and earning NFTs. 

NFT Games Play To Earn

Most NFT games feature some kind of play-to-earn element. With NFT games play-to-earn, players on the platform are rewarded with more NFTs the longer they play and participate in the virtual worlds of these games. One of the largest play-to-earn games out there is the aforementioned Axie Infinity. (6) Farmers World is an example of an NFT games mobile option, allowing players to participate from anywhere and at any time. If you are seeking NFT game free, some NFT games are free to play and others are not. Axie Infinity requires the user to purchase 3 “Axies” which, due to the rising popularity of the game, now cost about $200 USD each. (7) On the other hand, The Sandbox is a free NFT game that is based on the Ethereum blockchain and allows users to explore, build, and play in a large virtual world.  

These NFT play-to-earn games are having a bigger impact than changing the way we look at video games, they are also contributing to the building of the metaverse and the adoption of cryptocurrency generally. The more users who start playing and interacting with this platform, the more people who know about and have used cryptocurrencies. In this way, these games are helping to advance the next wave of computing. 

Farmers World Game

The Farmers World game is an NFT farming game that we’ve touched on briefly but that we will explore in more depth now. In this game, players complete a variety of activities including cultivation, mining, breeding, and building to grow their farms and participate in the Farmers World ecosystem. In this world, there are several categories of NFTs that can be earned, purchased, or sold and these include tools, memberships, farm animals, and farm building. (8) To play this game, users have to complete a couple of steps. (9)

First, Farmers World crypto is unique in some ways. For one, Farmers World is a game that is only compatible with a specific cryptocurrency wallet which you will need to set up before you can log in to the game. This wallet is called a WAX Cloud Wallet. Once you have created your account and configured your new crypto wallet, players will need a tool before they can start playing. Tools can be purchased at the Farmers World marketplace: Farmersworld Collection. Once you have completed these steps, you will be ready to access the game and start playing. For new players, Farmers World even provides a series of YouTube videos that teach them how to play the game. 

One future farming NFT game is Wanaka Farm NFT, which started alpha testing in September of last year. Wanaka Farm shares many similarities with Farmers World as both focus on farming activities that include purchasing land, planting crops, and harvesting. Using the Wanaka farm PooCoin charts, you can track the value of the Wanaka Farm coin: WANA. The game is still in development and so we cannot know all of the details, but we do know that team building the project has committed to “providing a revenue stream for every player” which demonstrates their commitment to following the play-to-earn model which has been so successful for other NFT games. 

Farmers World Token

When you first learn about Farmers World, the first thing you will want to get accustomed to is the Farmer World token system. There are three main types of Farmers World token, and they correspond to three primary resources: wood (FWW), food (FWF), and gold (FWG). As we’ve mentioned, to store these tokens, you will first need a Farmers World WAX wallet which is the crypto wallet that is compatible with Farmers World. 

Most players of NFT games want to know how to earn in Farmers World and the answer is fairly simple. To extract these resources, you will first need the appropriate tool. For FWW, you will need the Axe, Saw, or Chainsaw tools. For the Farmer World Food token, or FWF, you will need a Fishing Rod, a Fishing Net, and a Fishing Boat. Finally, for the last category, FWG, you’re going to have to get a tool called a Mining Excavator. These tools can all be purchased from decentralized marketplaces or other farmers. Using these tools, you can extract the natural resources and acquire the NFTs which can then be sold for real-life currency. 

There is a factor that can impact this process called durability. In the game, usage of the tool reduces its durability index which can then render it useless. To restore it, players use the FWG token also known as Farmer’s World gold. Thus, players must keep this in mind as they mine and collect resources in the game. (10)

Blockchain Games List

There are many different NFT games out there that allow players to earn these rewards, but many of them can require pretty steep initial investments before you can start seeing a return. For example, checking the Farmers World Price on Atomic Hub shows an Axe tool to be going for around $140 USD. A Chainsaw tool is even more expensive coming in at over $1,000 USD. To secure a mining excavator which is the only tool through which you can earn the FWG token from Farmer’s World looks like it will cost you upwards of $1,500 USD. On the other hand, the high prices of these NFTs indicate the growing popularity of the game and suggest the potential for greater increases in value which can mean greater profits for those who decide to invest. (11) Whenever you look at a blockchain games list of the best NFT crypto games, there are a few titles that are bound to come up again and again. We’ve listed a few of them below:

  1. Axie Infinity
  2. The Sandbox
  3. Farmers World
  4. Upland
  5. Sunflower Farmers

This is just a small selection of the many NFT games that are available today and that are changing the way we play and use the internet itself.